Singer and songwriter Ronnie Dozier was born on November 20th, 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida but immediately moved to Palm Springs, California where he spent most of his childhood. During his father’s service to the Marine Corps his family made several moves from Bakersfield, IL., 29 Palms, CA., Macon, GA., and eventually back to Jacksonville, FL. “Growing up in various cities across the U.S. as an adolescent allowed me to hear many different sounds and styles of music” says Ronnie. “I believe that’s the reason my music is so culturally diverse”.

After graduating from Jean Ribault High School in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005, Ronnie went off to attend college at Macon State University. Later, in his sophomore year, his mother’s health was not looking too well. This resulted in Ronnie dropping out of college to be closer to his mother. “I always knew I was going to go back and get my degree, but I had to prioritize and put my mother’s health before everything”. In 2009, Ronnie Dozier started recording for his debut project. The debut album was half finished when Ronnie received the shocking news concerning his mothers’ health. In 2010, his mother, Eugenia Dozier, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ronnie decided to put music on the back burner and focus strictly on being by his mothers’ side. On December 18th, 2011, Eugenia Dozier tragically lost her fight with breast cancer. “I was devastated” says Ronnie. “The reason for me breathing and living was gone. I lost my heart, my best friend, my everything.”

In 2012, in a  deep depressed state of mind, Ronnie Dozier decided not to pursue a music career no longer. In the summer of 2012, Ronnie’s friends and family sat him down as for an intervention. “I was in a room of about 12 to 15 people who sat me down and told me that I was meant to do music” Ronnie said. “They told me that my music was a gift from God and that it should be shared with the world. My Aunt then told me that my mother mentioned to her if anything happens to her, to make sure my son keeps doing music. That alone was enough for me to go full force.”  At that time, Ronnie completed and released his first project titled ‘The All Nighter’. The project developed traction quickly, but due to publishing issues, it came to a stand still.

“I’m a humble person and I put God first in everything I do.” Ronnie said. “I strive to be the greatest. I tell my team everyday, ‘You can either be secondary or legendary’.” I choose the latter….(Full Biography Coming Soon!)

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